the Garden of EdenGrounds Maintenance & Landscape Services

Our service contracts includes the following:
• Lawn Care (Mowing & Edging)
• Spring/Fall Clean Up
• Scheduled Fertilization
• Shrub and Bush Trimming
• Tree Pruning
• Mulch/Bed Wedding
• Thatch – Aeration
• Turf Renovation
• Herbicide & Pesticide Control

Tree Service

We  take care of all of your tree needs
• Tree Assessment:  Review, mark and provide information and recommended services for all of your trees and we help you create a plan for implementation
• Tree Removal and Stump Grinding: Proactive and remedial care
• Crown Cleaning: Removal of deadwood and thinning to the extent of removing rubbing, diseased, and structurally defective limbs
• Crown Reduction: Reducing the height and width of a tree for a variety of reasons (space, safety, etc.)
• Crown Thinning: Strategically reducing the density of the crown (the outer branching part of the tree) for improved air flow and sunlight through the tree and to improve form and structure
• Crown Restoration: Restores the shape of a tree that has been improperly pruned to bring it back to its natural shape

Snow Removal

• Plowing: We use appropriate sized trucks and plows for various property sizes
• Salting/Sanding: Distribution after plowing or in icy conditions
• Shoveling: Perform by hand to ensure a clean surface
• Staking: To identify areas such as fire hydrants, ADA ramps, water sources and mailboxes
• Sand/salt barrels: Seasonal installation throughout the property for use by the community

Design Services

Creative consultation, design and installation of
• Flower Beds: Improvement of existing or creation of new beds
• Conventional 2D renderings along with digital before and after photographs to help you “envision” the project
• Renovation of Existing Open Area: Assessment and recommendations for improved planting viability or replacement
• Creation of New Open Area: We will help you transform areas to be more appealing and functional
• Stone and Timber Retaining Walls: Assessment and recommendation for erosion, planting beds or ornamental
• Walkways: A variety of products are available
• Irrigation: Installation of new systems, expansion of existing, repair and management services
• Ponds & Waterfalls: Creation, management, cleaning & maintenance services
• Patio, Decks and Lighting: We will help create an outdoor area to suit all of your needs
• Fencing: Installation, power washing and staining
• Erosion Control: Change existing turf and ground to re-route the flow of water

Interior & Exterior consultation, repair & renovation include
• Demolition: Buildings or rooms
• Remodeling: Rooms or entire house
• Water Damage Restoration: Removal of damaged and restorative services
• Kitchen & Bathroom Design: We will work with you to create your “dream” room
• Flooring: Removal of existing and installation of new wood, ceramic, vinyl
• Painting: One room or an entire structure both interior and exterior
• Plumbing: Repairs and new plumbing
• Electric: Re-wiring or new fixtures and switches as well as repairs